Before diving in, let me you tell that the per capita income of India is around $140. So, if you’re a newbie freelance content writer, I know what you might be going through. I was at the same place around a year back.

CLUELESS about how things go in this industry.

I just had a few names with me aka inspiration who were already generating a handsome amount just through writing content.

And a mindset that if THEY can do it, I can do it too.

Here’s an info-graphic fast-forwarding my life since 2014-

In 2018, I started as a freelance content writer in India but it took me some time to understand the industry and develop a vision accordingly.

In January 2019, I finally set some milestones for myself for this year.

And then in December 2018, I had earned around $200 which was enough to pay for my secondary expenses (the rest way being paid by my parents).

My goal was to earn $1200 per month by the end of 2019 and that I achieved by August 2019. 

Now cutting this short, let’s see how I got into freelance writing.

How I Started As A Freelance Content Writer In India

I was always the girl geek in the group and I liked to play with computers, internet and everything related but there was also lesser-known part of mine.

The CREATIVE part.

I loved to draw, and write… sometimes.

Since class 8th, I liked to blog and blogged a lot but just for fun.

Yeah, I know I should have been serious about it since then only. 🙁


I was 19 when I created my first PREMIUM blog. I blog where I used to review random apps and online tools.

It didn’t work out too well because I wasn’t enough serious about it too.

But yes, I taught me dos and don’ts for the content marketing industry including the deal with SEO.

And then one fine day out of nowhere, I applied to a freelancing marketplace and got a gig.

The gig wasn’t even OK, it was like paying peanuts…LITERALLY!

Let’s leave this story of some other day.

However, it told me that I have a skill for which people are ready to pay me. All I need was to sharpen it, find the RIGHT clients and of course build a name in the industry.

Building a name…. as in?



LinkedIn is behind everything that I’ve got.

From getting the best leads to converting them by showing my LinkedIn profile, it has helped in every possible way. 

And that’s why I highly recommend freelancers from any industry to use LinkedIn and build an audience over there. 

Guest Posting- Another Weapon For A Freelance Content Writer

I had always liked to see my name after a piece written by me. 

Especially if it’s on a reputed publication.

Boy… I love that feeling.

Till now, I have got my works published in publications like Entrepreneur, GoDaddy Garage, Business2Community, ReadWrite, Hackernoon, Thrive Global, The Startup, etc.

Honestly speaking, gust blogging can SKYROCKET your freelance writing career. 


Because when such reputed publications publish your work, you give a reason to your leads for TRUSTING you.

And that trust my friends can give you some really crazy offers.

It’s like a self-done PR for your freelancing business.

Pitching Out

There was also a time when my business wasn’t going too well. I had clients but none of them were like the ones, I wanted.

To say it directly- They were low paying clients.

As a freelance content writer, your focus should be on creating valuable content for getting clients who value it and NOT dozens of clients.

So the only strategy that I thought would help was to COLD PITCH.

I created a spreadsheet of top content writing firms in India and started to pitch personally.

The process was tiring and time taking.

Around 40% of people responded that means I got 4 leads when I pitched to 10 and only 1 of them became my client.

This worked but not as much as I wanted it to.

Things I have learned as a Freelance Content Writer In India.

India is in its developing phase and especially as a Startup Nation. Currently, India is the biggest consumer of the internet and that has opened up a plethora of opportunities for online startups.

And if the number of online startups is increasing the need for CONTENT is increasing as well. 

CONTENT never means anything wrapped in words but it means something (Text or Visual) that can help you to ENGAGE with your audience.

However, people often misunderstand content with just a bunch of words.

They often ignore the REAL motive behind creating content and its marketing that is to EDUCATE as well as ENTERTAIN. Additionally, it can help you to rank higher on Google and higher your rank the more business you get.

And trust me you can’t fool Google with lower quality of content.

What Should You Focus On For Your Content Strategy?

The real motive of any CONTENT STRATEGY is to CONNECT with the right audience to be it for increasing sales, creating brand awareness or driving traffic.

Your audience is only going to perform a certain CTA if they trust and that trust is built by ENGAGING content.

You need to touch the right chords.

So here‘s how to create an awesome piece of the write-up:

  1. Put yourself in the shoes of your target AUDIENCE.
  2. Creating something that is text rich plus VISUALLY appealing.
  3. Try to HELP your audience with an issue they might be facing.
  4. Last but not least, write like you TALK that makes it conversational.
  5. Oh! I forgot one more, add a CTA like I am going to add here-

So if you want your content like this, contact me at charu2014dubey@gmail.com.

Want to know some tested ways to get freelance writing jobs?- I have got 24 ideas ready for you.

Charu Mitra Dubey


  1. That is quite an achievement. I just hope you’re reinvesting a part of those Earnings into learning new skills as well 🙂

    1. Yes, of course. Thanks, Dibakar 🙂

  2. Thank you Charu, this is really a helpful article for a starter, I will definitely use these tips. But As mentioned by you I am not getting work if my choice and which a quality work in spite of my trying hard, I am already connected to you here, kindly guide me and help me, I am serious about my commitment.

    1. Sure Rupa 🙂

  3. Many thanks stating this write-up and rendering it public

  4. Recently, I have been very interested in the topic of working on remote access, because now it is much more convenient for me and gives more opportunities for development and improvement.

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