About Me

Your content isn’t effective if it can’t convert.

I write to connect and then convert.

Hey there, I am Charu, a 25 y/o Content Strategist. Here’s a little bit about me.

In 2018, I started out as a content writer, and just within a year, I got my write-ups published in many major online publications like-

-GoDaddy Garage
-Entrepreneur India
and more.


I don’t believe that for becoming a content writer you need to have an exceptional vocabulary or extraordinary writing skills.

All you need to know is how to connect with your audience and touch the right chords.

And you also need to know how to reach the right audience.

So the recipe is, Good Content+Good Marketing Startegy= More leads and sales.

What do I do?

✔I write
✔I create Content Strategies (Creation+Marketing)
✔ I help companies increase organic traffic and convert that traffic into customers.
✔Analyze the metrics and create the growth strategies accordingly.

What do I love to write?

🍕Blog Post (Long-form articles, especially)
🍕Landing Pages
🍕Social Media Posts (I master writing LinkedIn posts)
🍕Stories (That can connect with your audience) 🍕Video Scripts and descriptions
🍕Newsletters (I have a newsletter with over 19k subscribers)
🍕Content Marketing Strategy